Our circle of designers have a combined experience of over 80 years. Dolores’ pieces are timeless, displaying her innate sense of elegance, with a hint of vintage inspiration. Jovana’s designs push the envelope, dancing with light and exploring geometry, while David’s mastery of metal is unsurpassed. He brings an artistry and understanding of light and dimension unlike anyone else. Braelynn explores shape and dimension, searching for elegance with an organic edge. James finds the balance between simplicity and creativity, dabbling in textures and lines.


Creating a bespoke piece of jewelry can often seem intimidating, but it needn’t be. Whether it is a family heirloom you love but won’t wear, or an entirely new piece, we can work with you to create something you love and cherish. We begin with an idea; your idea. Often our first meeting will involve a conversation about you, your life, your needs, and your style. We look through our extensive custom design gallery to determine what appeals to you, and build from there. Within a week of our first meeting, we prepare several designs for you to choose from. These can be sketches, or computer generated images depending on the deign. We will discuss these designs and make changes as needed. When a design has been finalized, the next step begins.

Over the next 4-6 weeks one of two things will occur; a wax model of your design will be carved, OR the computer generated images (CAD/CAM Files) will be 3D printed in wax, and cast. When a wax is carved, we send you photos, or meet with you in person to approve your wax. Wax carvings are not an exact representation of your finished piece, as they generally are heavier and wider than the finished piece. Also, they are often purple/green. When a wax has been approved, it is ready to be cast. A mold is created, and filled with molten metal, which when cooled reveals a rough casting.

This is the final step in the process. From here, David “finishes” the casting, filing down excess metal and making final aesthetic adjustments. When this is complete, any stones are individually set using a microscope. David checks all stones, and applies any finishing touches, such as engraving. The final product is checked thoroughly for quality, before receiving a final polish. It is then brought to the Gallery, where it is double checked for quality.