We are owned by our Goldsmith, so you can rest assured your valuable pieces are not being sent out for repair. David has over 40 years experience, and Dolores has over 30. In David’s workshop we have a laser welder, which allows us to repair your fine jewelry in different ways. The laser creates a finely focused beam which welds noble metals to themselves, removing the need for solder. This precision allows David to laser weld metal in close proximity of heat sensitive stones and materials such as epoxy, enamel, pearls and stringing thread to name a few, without affecting the stone or material. Down in the gallery, our staff is well-trained and eager to assist with everything from jewelry inspection, to custom design. Bring your jewelry to us and see why we have been Vermont’s jewelry experts for over 40 years. We offer multiple services, including:

  • FREE jewelry inspection

  • ring sizing

  • jewelry polishing & cleaning

  • stone tightening & replacement

  • jewelry reconstruction

  • pearl stringing

  • watch batteries

  • general repairs