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Our Co-Owner Dolores Kurjan does all of our appraisals in-house. Dolores is an appraisal expert, with specialized knowledge about antique/estate jewelry. You may rest assured your pieces will remain in our possession throughout the appraisal process. We offer a full Insurance Appraisal, which may be used to add an item to your insurance policy. Because jewelry values are constantly fluctuating, most insurance companies require appraisals within the past five years. We recommend having your jewelry re-appraised every 3-4 years, depending on the piece. An appraisal will note details such as the type, number, and carat weight of gemstones, identify any metals, and give a replacement value based on the current market. Some appraisals may require more research than others, depending on designers, age, number of stones, etc.

Appraisals generally take 2-3 weeks, depending on how complicated the appraisal and our schedule.

Prices begin at $75.