David became intrigued with jewelry-making while watching his stepfather, Charlotte jewelry designer Guy Cheng, at work. Guy provided him with a bench, some basic tools, and instruction on how to work metals into pieces of art.

A decade of working with jewelry as a hobby led David to a professional jeweler career in San Jose, California. Eventually Vermont called him back, and in 1983 David started his own business providing repair, design, and manufacturing of jewelry to the greater-Burlington residents. Finally, in 1997, David took ownership of Designers' Circle where his technical skills and knowledge have helped countless people design and maintain their jewelry.

David spends most days in the studio creating custom designs and repairing our customers jewelry.


Dolores Kurjan

Since she was very young Dolores has loved jewelry and art. While she never imagined that her love would eventually become a profession, she is so grateful that it happened that way. Over a twenty year period she has worked for several local jewelers where her goals and abilities were expanded into jewelry appraisal, design, and an intense desire to work with fine estate pieces.


Jovana Guarino

I am Jovana and my passion is Custom Design. I love the journey of undiscovered desires. I am infinitely inspired by the evolution of modern design, humbled by the elegance of classical revival and charmed by all stylized paths between. My personal goal as a designer is to realize the desires of each individual I work with. I love when the reveal of a custom piece brings tears or feels like a windstorm.

It is rare and wonderful to want to go to work. The people I work with are the most devoted and kindest people who have professional expertise in the world of jewelry. I also love all the designers David and Dolores have brought to a small family owned Gallery in Burlington, VT.

I invite you to Designer’s Circle & Vintage Jewelers to laugh with us, create inspiring original jewelry for yourselves or treat yourselves to a piece from our collection of vintage jewelry or contemporary designs.


Braelynn's love of jewelry was born in the jewelers studio. At a very young age she would visit David's shop and watch the magic happen. She made and sold her first line of jewelry at the age of 10. Her love of creating, sketching and dreaming about jewelry is unsurpassed. She has the poetic sense of a great writer and is an inspiration to design with. Her background in the fashion industry has given her deep insight into the interaction of shapes and color tones.

Inspiration came from family pearls and lovely velvet boxes in her grandmother's enchanting collection. She is incredibly inspired by the organic shapes in nature, as well as architectural detail. She has strong skills in sketching in order to convey ideas for custom design. She is also the photographer for all advertising of vintage and custom work. And in her spare time she is the graphic designer for our websites.

James Smith

Bio Coming Soon.